attention without intention…

the clues were always there, I just didn’t realize it

I honestly didn’t know to look for them, or that I should be looking in some covert way, written in code…

…but they were always there 

you said them, you texted them

you showed them with your hot and cold attention 

but I wasn’t wearing the right glasses to see the clues

or maybe I wasn’t listening closely enough?

so enthralled with the rest of the message, in it’s seductively wrapped package, filtering out what I didn’t want to see or hear that could cloud the love I was feeling, that was growing

it would break the spell

most likely…

you once asked if I was a “player” in high school, no that’s not who I was or who I am; you admitted that you also were not a player – you were more of an ‘attention without intention’ type

the answer still haunts me, it echoes in my mind

ruled by Venus, a Libra’s heart is vast and hungry for love, loving love, loving to be in love

always chasing love

the chase without any promise of more…

maybe you never thought you could catch the girl?

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