I don’t miss you

I don’t miss you I miss things about you, about you with me I miss little things that made us “us” the simple things that made me feel part of a couple that made me smile, feel warm, safe, loved one night a week but for that one night I was a part of somethingContinue reading “I don’t miss you”

attention without intention…

the clues were always there, I just didn’t realize it I honestly didn’t know to look for them, or that I should be looking in some covert way, written in code… …but they were always there  you said them, you texted them you showed them with your hot and cold attention  but I wasn’t wearingContinue reading “attention without intention…”

Please don’t ask me

Maybe it’s a generational thing, a millenial thing or maybe I’m just turning the corner and finally getting officially “old”. I used to love Facebook. Like really, it was my lifeline, my entertainment, my communication tool and my teacher of things in the world from people I had never met. It was exciting and new,Continue reading “Please don’t ask me”

Call me babe

It is quite possibly the simplest and least inventive pet name to use, one that doesn’t take much thought, or need to have a story behind it, and probably the most common nickname in existence. It’s really pretty generic, milk toast compared to the others, if we’re being completely honest. But it makes me weakContinue reading “Call me babe”

That was then, this is now

So, when was the last time you were actually dating? Like really dating, just going out with different people to see if you click, looking for “the one” to build a life with for oh maybe the next fifty years? I don’t know about you, but I was 25. I’m not a “math person” butContinue reading “That was then, this is now”

The door has opened

It’s been a little more than three months now from our first date. It seems like eons ago right now, with the changing seasons and the pandemic slowing everything to a crawl. Time moves almost imperceptibly some days, to the point that you can forget what day or month it is if you don’t payContinue reading “The door has opened”

Can I change my answer?

Beginning the online dating journey, only a few months ago, one of the first of many questions I had to answer was “what are you looking for?” Hmmm… That’s tough to put into words at this point. Not sure if this is in the drop down menu: I want to date. Just that. Go outContinue reading “Can I change my answer?”

What are the rules again?

What’s the best way to tell someone you’ve gone out on a date with that you’re not interested in seeing them again? And when is it acceptable to deliver this message, after the first date or the second? What about after the third date? What if you’ve slept with them by the third date, canContinue reading “What are the rules again?”